Lately, I've been going through a weird distraction cycle with this website. Every few days, I'll convince myself that I have to make some massive change to the project's structure, introduce new technologies, and further complicate things. Down the rabbit hole I go for a couple hours before clarity bonks me over the head. "I don't need this" I think to myself as I realize the time I just wasted.

As stated before, I get distracted by new tools and features incredibly easily. By intentionally keeping the scope of this site small and boring overall, I give myself more time to actually fill it with content. I am hoping that I can shorten these distraction cycles further, hopefully to the point where they stop happening. Here's some reminders for myself.

Here are some changes that I will consider for the future:

In reality, these are all fairly low leverage activities but they all provide some value towards efficiency and keeping things clean. For now, none of that is needed and I'd rather spend my effort on writing and other projects.