Great ideas are everywhere, the execution is what is rare. Many a self help book has laid out the painfully simple steps to get in shape or improve in one's career. Read through enough of them and the overlap of ideas will become clear. It is not about reading or having as many good ideas as possible, it is about consistently executing on them.

I have read, watched, and listened to hours of media about time management and creating focus. Finding a state of flow can be near impossible, but it is an incredibly valuable place for a software developer to be. I'd get inspired reading a book, break out a journal, and start my daily schedule. Without fail, I would just stop after a couple days and went right back to operating without a plan. Like many other obstacles in my life, I noticed that I was feeling a lot of friction when it came time to plan.

So, I am taking another pass at things using a new piece of software that is much more simple than what I've used before and is easier to work with (and access) than a paper journal. I'll be taking a simplified approach, focusing on an unordered list of tasks and the value of the one in progress. When something on the list obviously surpasses the current task in value, I'll switch my focus.

I'll update back here with the results after a month. Here we go again.