For as long as I have had some form of responsibility, I have dreaded Sundays. I would always find myself becoming stressed or upset at some point in the afternoon, feeling the freedom of the weekend falling away. Eventually, Monday would come and drag along with it classes, obligations, and eventually work. My understanding is that this is a common way to feel about the end of the weekend, and that most people attribute it to not enjoying what Monday brings. I don't think this is the case, at least for me.

I think this sense of dread comes from feeling like the weekend was missed or not properly used. The times where I've felt this most strongly were when I was not intentional with my time on the weekend. Inversely, when I am intentional about my time on the weekend I find myself looking forward to Monday more. This weekend was fairly action packed and ended with a solid chunk of hours mindlessly relaxing; I am excited to get back to work and solving problems tomorrow. I've also felt this way after weekends spent doing absolutely nothing. The problem comes from the weekend feeling like wasted potential, not having been properly used. I feel best when I feel like I have gotten something out of my time on the weekend.

Your enjoyment of Monday is a function of how you spent the weekend, more than what Monday will bring. Being intentional with time in the present prevents the future from "taking" that time away.