From my limited experience, over-communicating seems like the best approach to default to. I find myself hesitating when feeling like I need to ask a question. In order to ask the question comfortably, I have to feel like I've done my work first. I hate the feeling of asking first, only to be told the answer is trivial. However, I've also found myself deep in a rabbit hole that I did not have to go down many times before as well. If I were to instead err on the side of over-communicating, I can quite easily correct back. Often, especially in high-paced work environments, people can be missing the full picture. By over sharing you can help prevent team members from being lost and aid them in accomplishing their goals. Under sharing leads to miscommunication which can have drastic consequences. Over sharing can be a temporary inconvenience.

I was given some advice the other day:

If you do not feel like you are over-communicating, then you are not communicating enough.