Today I was able to finish the canvas chapter of the Ray Tracer Challenge in racket. I spend a good bit of time digging through the racket docs on basic string building and was able to get everything working. The usage of vectors for storing the pixel data feels fast, but converting the pixel data to the output (PPM) string is slow. This is somewhat expected, but is still a point of concern. There are two aspects of this process that slow it down: converting the vector to a list and string concatenation. Ideally, I would directly pull the data out of the vector and add it to buffer, which could then be written to the output file. The current implementation uses higher-level string functions that will likely crush performance going forward. This should not bring things to a halt, and the output should still always be generated. Regardless, I expect to be back in this code in the near future.

If I was to do this in Java, I would pull the information directly out of an Array and append it to a StringBuilder. Then, the StringBuilder could write its contents to the output file. This solution would be quick and easy to read. I should be able to get similar performance out of racket, once I learn more.