I've always wanted to write a somewhat substantial program using a Lisp. I was first introduced to the family of languages in a programming languages course: good-old MIT Scheme. This was such a foreign experience at the time both around tooling and the language itself. This opened up a whole other world of programming languages that led to me finding Haskell and Racket. However, I've never written anything too complex with either (aside from the SICP metacircular evaluator).

There has been an ongoing cycle of start-stop-delete with my attempts at The Ray Tracer Challenge, which will warrant a more lengthy post. These days, I am working through this book in Racket. Just in the first chapter I've learned a bit more about the language and its tooling, and I look forward to the rest.

I am thinking about stopping and just crunching through the book in Python to get myself all the way through it. Maybe a first pass with relatively low friction will help me actually get through it using the other languages I have in mind. So far focusing on reducing friction and finsihing things has served me well, so maybe that's what it needed here.

I also still need to bring over a couple of my old blog posts to this version of the site.