So about that whole "rss feed by hand" thing.

I spent some time this morning writing a couple bash scripts that iterate over the files for both blogs and generates each their own rss feed and index page. This greatly reduces the amount of work necessary for each post, while also forcing me to stay in this simple format.

Yes, I am looking at the inflexibility of a hacked together bash script as a feature, not a bug in this case. I also committed the sin of using regex to parse text out of HTML, but I think I'll be okay.

All in all, I am pretty happy with how everything works right now. To create a post I copy my template file to the new post, write it, and run a bash script before pushing git and docker. As long as I follow some simple formatting that my scripts expect, all should be well.

I also noticed some super strange caching behavior when testing the site on my other devices yesterday, so I am pushing a change to stop caching. These pages are small and lightweight enough that it shouldn't matter, future me can worry about that.