This is my first micro post. I am not really sure what this will turn out to be, but I do want to see how far I can take it. This will just be a place to jot down what's on my mind at the time. Posts like projects or other more involved writing will go in the main blog.

As of now, I am working on laying the website out again (for I believe the 6th time). I am keeping the majority of the UI/UX the same, but moving completely to a plain HTML/CSS/JS stack.

I found out about SSI (Server Side Includes) the other day, so I don't even need to use an external templating system. Just set ssi on in nginx and get up and running. This lets me share the head, navbar, and footer between pages easily which was always my main deterrent from dropping all the way down to bare HTML.

I've previously told myself that I don't like writing HTML and that I needed a markdown setup in order to write, but that certainly didn't lead to more writing.

So now, everything is dead simple. These posts don't even really need markup, and in the cases that they do I'm sure I'll get around to adding some useful snippets to my vim config.

Creating the index pages and rss feed by hand is a bit strange, but the whole theme of this effort is to just do it.

Here it goes!